Below are some frequently asked questions about the VTN testing process at Hurley Bros Motors Bantry. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact us

  • Q. What type of vehicle is deemed a light goods vehicle?
    A. Any goods vehicle under or equal to 3500 kg gross weight.
  • Q. Can a vehicle with rear seats be tested as a goods vehicle?
    A. No.
  • Q. Can a vehicle with rear seats be converted to a goods vehicle?
    A. Yes, provided the rear seats and seat belts are removed and the mounting holes are put beyond use.
  • Q. What documentation is needed when a vehicle is presented for a light goods test?
    A. The vehicle Licensing Cert ,is a requirement laid down by the department of transport, and Road Safety Authority.
  • Q. What is the frequency of the test?
    A. It is an annual test, starting when the vehicle is one year old.
  • Q. Do camper vans need to be tested.?
    A. Yes, from 2009 on all camper vans must be tested.
  • Q. Does the timing belt need to be changed before the test is carried out?
    A. Yes, if the manufactures recommend that is changed at the current mileage.